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Spring Farm

Bickley Town Lane


Near Malpas


SY14 8EQ

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The Hirer is responsible for paying the hire charge which is set out in the contract. Hire charges will start from the date and time specified in the contract and will continue throughout the period of hire. The period of hire will not terminate until the equipment is restored to Malpas Hire in a clean state and in full working order. A hire charge will be made for each day, including weekends and Public Holidays, when the equipment is in the possession of the Hirer. All hire charges must be paid net cash monthly and if any payments become overdue Malpas Hire shall be entitled to interest at Yorkshire Bank PLC. Base rate plus 5% calculated on a daily basis. In addition the Hirer shall be responsible for any legal or other charges incurred by Malpas Hire in connection with the recovery of outstanding hire charges or equipment.



Hire charges do not include carriage. Any expense incurred by Malpas Hire in delivering or recovering the equipment will be charged to the Hirer and will be payable at the end of the first month’s hire or at the termination of the hire period whichever shall be sooner.



The Hirer is responsible for any loss or damage (including puncture) as well as excessive wear and tear to equipment during the period of hire.

 The Hirer is also responsible for Insuring the equipment for full new replacement value for the duration that the machine/machines are in their possession whether they are on or off hire, and they are obliged to produce to Malpas Hire on demand evidence of the insurance arrangements. The insurance cover shall be against loss, theft or damage beyond economic repair to the equipment on a new replacement value basis. If a claim is made by the Hirer to an Insurance Company the Hirer shall hold any money out by the Insurers on trust for Malpas Hire and shall pay such money to Malpas Hire on demand.

 The Hirer must ensure that the equipment remains safe, serviceable and clean. If the equipment breaks down or ceases to work Malpas Hire must be notified immediately and the Hirer shall not attempt to repair the equipment unless previously authorised by Malpas Hire. The Hirer must not remove the equipment from the specified site in the contract unless authorised to do so by Malpas Hire. Any self powered vehicles must be returned by the Hirer to Malpas Hire with a full tank of fuel.


The Hirer is responsible for returning the equipment in good working order and will pay Malpas Hire any expense incurred by Malpas Hire in recovering the equipment or and rectifying the condition of any equipment which is returned in a damaged or dirty state. The Hirer will also indemnify Malpas Hire against any loss caused to Malpas Hire as the result of lost or damaged equipment being unavailable for hire to other customers.



The Hirer hereby authorises Malpas Hire to enter upon any premises where the Hirer’s equipment is located in order to inspect, test, repair or repossess the equipment.



The period of Hire is defined as a maximum of 28 days in all circumstances.



Malpas Hire shall be entitled to terminate the contract with the Hirer at any time if the Hirer is in breach of these conditions.



Malpas Hire is Phillip Brereton Agricultural Machinery Hire of Spring Farm, Bickley Town Lane, Bickley, Malpas, Cheshire SY14 8EQ.

The Hirer is the person/Firm/Company or Public Authority which has hired the equipment from Malpas Hire.

The Equipment is the Agricultural Machinery or other plant named and described in Malpas Hire’s Machinery Hire Contract.